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Get a PA Mortgage Rate Quote, within the same business day, by phone, email or text message.

Unlike the big online lenders, Norstar Mortgage is willing to provide a preliminary mortgage rate quote without collecting detailed personal information or income statements, and without a credit check of any kind. No obligations.

As Pennsylvania licensed mortgage brokers, we will survey top lenders and investors to give you a ballpark idea of the current rates based on the type of transaction, the amount you'd like to borrow and your estimated credit score range. For a Quick Quote, we do not need to run a hard credit check, not even a soft one. We can work with your 'best estimate' of your credit score.

We do require your contact information so that we can send your rate quote. You tell us how you would like to be contacted. We prefer a 5 minute phone call to explain some of the assumptions we made in preparing your quote, but a phone call is not necessary. We're happy to email or text you the information if you choose.

Why get a personalized Quick Quote? Looking up current mortgage rates online won’t tell you much. The daily rates are often generic and don’t apply to every situation. It's all disclosed in the fine print, but generic information can be confusing. For example, purchase rates differ from refinance rates which is why the first question we ask is what type of transaction you have in mind.

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